Four Easy Ways to Dial Down Your Stress Response

As a Business Owner, you have a lot of stress. It’s nearly impossible to clock out. You push, and push, and then push some more.

You are not alone.

It seems by nature that I have always been a stressed-out person. I think most high-achieving business owners are.

We have high standards. We put that pressure on ourselves – not to mention the pressure put on us by our jobs, our families, and our culture.

Stress manifests in different ways. For me it’s short-temperedness. For...

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Two Tests Every Traveler Should Do

You can fly through a security line and pick the best seat on an aircraft, but do you know how to best protect your health when traveling? I’m going to tell you about two essential tests you should have every year to keep your body in top shape while it soars through the skies.

Understanding how travel impacts your body is the first step in being able to protect it. Often we tend to focus on the physical effects of traveling – how tight and sore we feel after sitting for...

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