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Here’s what Lisa’s clients are saying:

"Lisa Jacobsen went above and beyond both for me and with me. She asks the deep questions that require you to truly explore your potential. She was able to teach me to work past some barriers that I have had for years, and while doing this, she explained why these things had become barriers for me. As a result of Lisa’s coaching and encouragement, her knowledge and her know-how, I am able to now make smarter and more precise decisions, with my health and in life. I can, without reservation, recommend Lisa Jacobsen to you."

~ B. Neri, Stratford, CT


"Lisa’s approach really worked for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how food affects all aspects of one’s body and overall health. With Lisa, I felt heard and that she really cared about my success. We unraveled a number of my health issues and addressed them in a systematic way. To boot, I’ve lost 15lbs and feel at least 10 years younger. Lisa is an effective, supportive coach who is capable of making huge improvements in a person’s health and well-being."

~ Martin S. , CEO/Entrepreneur, NYC


"I sought out Lisa due to my high cholesterol and weight gain. Ultimately my goal was to feel better overall and lower those cholesterol numbers, as I did not want to take medication. Lisa took time to look at the overall blood work and how my body was functioning. Over the months we worked together, I began to feel energized and gradually started losing weight. My cholesterol levels dropped considerably. I am thrilled about how well I am feeling, it’s been great! I highly recommend Lisa, she makes it simple and comfortable to work with her. Well worth it!"

~ Nicole N., Fairfield, CT


"I’ve been working with Lisa for 12 weeks and my gut thanks her. I feel better than I have in many years. I have more energy, less bloating and a deeper sense of knowledge about my body. She has made me see and feel the difference of knowing my body better from the inside out.

I truly found Lisa a wealth of information that has helped me realize how important my gut health is. Lisa has educated me and has guided me through a process that has changed me forever. Her unparalleled support made me feel so comfortable.

Thank you, Lisa.  You are truly amazing."

~ M. Manes, Personal Fitness Trainer & Instructor in Fairfield, CT


"Lisa Jacobsen is a caring, compassionate and extremely competent professional. She is well-read and an expert in her field. Since hiring Lisa, my blood markers have improved, and I have a much more in-depth knowledge about myself than I ever could have learned from a Dr. visit. Lisa is a careful listener while thoughtful and methodical in her approach to narrow down the root of your problems. She then makes suggestions and plans that help you feel better. If you’re on the fence about coaching then I suggest you just do it. It’s well worth it and Lisa Jacobsen is top notch!"

~ Peter H., NYC


"I first met Lisa in her Little Black Dress group. It was pretty incredible how much information, tools and resources she gave us and kept all of us motivated to reach our goals for the entire six weeks. I am now working one-on-one with her to see about my allergies and digestive problems. It was a perfect transition because Lisa already got me eating better and learning how to listen to my body through the LBD program. I love how Lisa works and am grateful that she has already detected a significant underlying issue causing my symptoms."

~ Jane B., Wife and Mother of 3 in Massachusetts


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