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Four Easy Ways to Dial Down Your Stress Response

As a Business Owner, you have a lot of stress. It’s nearly impossible to clock out. You push, and push, and then push some more.

You are not alone.

It seems by nature that I have always been a stressed-out person. I think most high-achieving business owners are.

We have high standards. We put that pressure on ourselves – not to mention the pressure put on us by our jobs, our families, and our culture.

Stress manifests in different ways. For me it’s short-temperedness. For...

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Three Easy Steps to Fix Your Fatigue

Fatigue is the most common complaint I hear – both from clients in my practice and from friends and family. They feel like their energy and focus disappear by the mid-afternoon and that they need stimulants (e.g., coffee, sugar, Red Bull, etc.) to keep going.

What bothers me most is that for some reason we act like it’s normal to be tired … that it’s just a side effect of being busy and having a full life. One unwanted side effect of being super tired...

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The Four Fundamental Functional Labs

Something I hear a lot from business owners is that they find it hard to put more time and effort into their business because of nagging symptoms.  They suffer from fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog, joint pain, poor sleep, allergies, etc.

While symptoms can be very disruptive in your life, they are not a disease.  In today’s society, we tend to be more focused on taming the symptom, but in doing so, we are not addressing the actual dysfunction in the body. It’s far...

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