What About Alcohol?

For many, drinking before, during and after their flight has become a routine. Whether they use it to combat stress or to calm flight-related anxieties, some people who may not regularly drink alcohol will use it as a pacifier when traveling. 

I get it.

Getting ready for a trip and making it to the gate on time can be very stressful.  The perception is that alcohol can help soothe that stress. 

And, if you are heading on vacation, what better way to kick off your happy time than with a couple of drinks and good cheer?

Not so fast. 

Drinking alcohol on a plane isn’t always a great idea. Let me clear up one of the biggest myths about drinking while traveling:

Myth: Drinking alcohol will help you sleep on the flight.

Fact: It does just the opposite.  While alcohol may help you fall asleep, its sugar content (which helps to make it so irresistible) will eventually make you stir, wake and have an overall fitful sleep. Every time you wake, you’ll remember you’re in an uncomfortable airplane seat, which will make it even more difficult to nod off.

Can’t say “no” to a glass of vino while traveling? Here’s my advice:

Keep walking past the bar on your way to the gate.  Decline the drink on the plane in favor of water.  You won’t miss the alcohol if you don’t have it and you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits of being booze-free when you land:

  • feeling more hydrated
  • beating jet lag faster
  • feeling well, not bloated
  • feeling well-rested

Stay strong and remember, you’re doing your body a favor. By saying “no” to a drink, you’ll have more energy to perform in that meeting or enjoy your first day of vacation.

Cheers to feeling well while traveling!

P.S. Sometimes it's not easy to "just say no".  When that happens, the best option is to choose alcohol with the lowest sugar content.  The best ones are a very dry French red wine (i.e., a Bordeaux), quality vodka or gin with soda water or a dry champagne. Cheers!


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