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Asset Zero Monthly Membership

Get the accountability, resources and community to help you reach and/or maintain your specific health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not sure if a membership is right for you, feel free to book a free, twenty-minute call with me. I personally answer any questions you have.

I offer a membership program as a way for people to engage with and learn from me at an introductory price.  This is a fairly inexpensive and no commitment option to get to know me.  Also, because I don't offer one-off consults, being a part of my membership community enables you to book 1:1 sessions for me as well as one-off functional lab reviews at a reduced price and not commit to a package.

  • One webinar/workshop each month doing a deep dive on a relevant health topic*
  • The other three weeks are weekly “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Zoom calls with me*
  • Personal review of any blood lab work (via a Zoom recording) for you to review on your own time. Suggestions on lab markers and panels can also be provided upon request
  • Weekly check-ins for additional accountability (if wanted)
  • Review of food journal entries (if wanted)
  • The option to book a la carte pricing for functional lab reviews (with results given via Zoom recording):
    • Reduced price for follow-up labs (i.e., any functional lab that I have reviewed for you in the past is considered a follow-up) 
    • Specific menu pricing for each type of functional lab not already taken 
    • Protocols and protocol updates provided
  • Lots of recipes and meal plans. More added depending on member dietary interests
  • Access to free challenges, mini-courses and additional resources and tools (coming in the near future)

* Calls will be recorded in case you are unable to attend live. You can also submit your questions ahead of time for me to respond to on the call and review my response on the recording.

There’s no commitment. If you no longer want to be in the membership, simply cancel before the next month’s charge. 

Once your membership has been paid, there are no refunds.  You can cancel your membership before the next payment is scheduled.

"Lisa’s approach really worked for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how food affects all aspects of one’s body and overall health. With Lisa, I felt heard and that she really cared about my success. We unraveled a number of my health issues and addressed them in a systematic way. To boot, I’ve lost 15lbs and feel at least 10 years younger. Lisa is a wonderful, supportive health coach who is capable of making huge improvements in a person’s health and well-being."

Martin S.
CEO/Entrepreneur - NYC

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