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I help business owners focus on their most important asset: your health

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You crave sugary snacks and coffee throughout the day
  • At night, you find yourself waking several times each night and often can’t get back to sleep again
  • You get sick often and colds get harder to shake
  • Mood swings, frequent headaches and a foggy brain put a drain on your day
  • You have gas, bloating and other digestive symptoms
  • You have seasonal allergies that seem to get worse each year

Hi, I’m Lisa Jacobsen, founder of Be Well for Good, and I work with men and women to identify the imbalances in your body that keeps them from feeling, looking and performing at their best.

During those years when I wasn’t feeling my best and had these nagging health issues, I was working long hours and I traveled for a significant portion of each month.  I saw many different doctors to try and figure out what I could do to feel better again, be more focused and productive at work and have more energy to be with my family.  But each time my lab work would come back “normal” and I would leave each office without any solutions. One doctor told me that these symptoms are just a sign of getting older (I was only 38 at the time…).  

I can assure you that these are not signs of getting older.  I can also tell you that you don’t have to continue the suffering.  

Imagine How Good You Would Feel If You Could ...

  • Wake up and feel energized and excited about the day ahead of you?
  • Have steady energy throughout the day to do things you love?
  • Overcome your allergies?
  • Lose the bloat and start to feel comfortable in your clothes again?


As your Functional Nutrition Practitioner, I create a supportive program that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health and weight goals.  My method of examining diet and lifestyle as well as using coaching methodologies grounded in positive psychology has helped many men and women overcome fatigue, inflammation, stubborn weight and other lifestyle diseases.
I’m here to help you feel and look well again. Because, when you feel well, good things happen to you – in your career, in your relationships and in every other area of your life.

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Well? 

Here’s what to do next:  Schedule a FREE discovery call with me to decide if working with me is right for you.  This is not a sales call.  I will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and give you a understanding of how I work so that you can make the right decision for your health. 

During this session, you can ask me any questions you have, and when you’re ready, pick a package plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and we’ll get started on your health journey right away! 

Your consultation will take place over the telephone.  Please provide your phone number when you sign up and I will call you at the scheduled time. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how I can support your wellness goals!


Education & Credentials

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Certification – December 2018
  • Metabolic Syndrome Certification – June 2018
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach – November 2017
  • Corporate Wellness Academy Certification – February 2017
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Inc. Certification – September 2016
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification (2015-2016)
  • M.P.A. Financial Management New York University (2007)
  • B.A. Political Science and Biology at Fairfield University (1990)


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