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I help business owners and entrepreneurs put themselves on the top of their to-do list    


 When you start treating yourself as the asset you are, the positive impact on your business will be exponentially greater than the effort you put in to it. 


The results:  more energy, focus and stamina


And a better competitive edge for your business 

My expertise lies in identifying hidden imbalances that keep you from feeling your best

My clients are intelligent and high achieving individuals, but let's face it, NO ONE is superhuman. The stress of building and managing a business can take its toll on the heartiest of us. Many have seen multiple practitioners but have been unable to achieve lasting results. My unique approach,  I call the Asset Zero Blueprint™, encompasses the three pillars of optimal health: Body, Balance and Being.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Jacobsen is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner and the founder of Be Well for Good, LLC, who helps business owners fix their fatigue so that they can be more productive in their business and still have a personal life. 

Her work is inspired by her personal journey: after running a large international group within a Fortune 100 company for fifteen years and two small businesses with her husband, Lisa’s career soared while her health tanked. When she couldn’t find answers through conventional medicine, she began to explore the functional nutrition approach, which dramatically changed her life. It is then that she created her signature method, the Asset Zero Blueprint™, which offers business owners a roadmap to identifying and overcoming the hidden stressors keeping them feeling exhausted.

Lisa holds multiple certifications in the field of Functional Nutrition and is one of the first coaches in the nation to be Board Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners. She has written for Green & Tonic and quoted in Thrive Global and Huffington Post.

"Lisa Jacobsen is a caring, compassionate and extremely competent professional. She is well-read and an expert in her field. Since hiring Lisa as a coach, my blood markers have improved and I have learned more about my health than I ever could have learned from a Dr. visit. Lisa is a careful listener while thoughtful and methodical in her approach to narrow down the root of your problems. She then makes suggestions and plans to make you better."

Peter H.

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